Our Authors


Kanak Aggarwal, a 22-year-old Delhi-based guy, studying to be an engineer. He stepped into the world of writing in 2014 with his first book “A Letter From My Father” which was a bestseller.

He has worked with various publications since then and has successfully contributed for numerous anthologies.
Music is the first love of this budding writer.

He is an intuitive guitarist, pianist, singer and composer.
Brought up in a very social environment, Kanak has amazing bonds with his family and friends.

He is an enthusiastic sportsman and a gym addict.

He is a state level powerlifter and arm wrestler.

He is a pragmatic softie who aspires to say the unspoken social situations and unsaid feelings in relationships with his writing.

He usually attempts to sharpen the blurred lines between realism and emotions.

His writings reflect the ongoing irony in city life