We’ll start the process of designing your cover by asking questions, reading your manuscript and researching your audience and competitive titles.

We’ll provide you with a range of custom cover designs to choose from, and will work with you to achieve the desired look that is right for your audience. And yes, books are judged by their covers.


Price: Rs. 1500 per cover

A cover design is the first step your book makes to the reader, Practically the very first things your readers see about the book and feels connected towards it. Cover design is the reason customer picks up the book. Our basic cover design will provide a simple good cover to your book. In Basic cover designs the cover will be simple yet attractive.

Price: Rs. 3000 per cover

Our advanced cover design will ensure that you get the best cover design from our repository of millions of stock photos. If you have a stock image of your own, you can provide it too. In advance Cover Design you can have custom created Design as well.

Price: Rs. 6000 per cover

Our premium cover design will cinch that you get the best cover design from our experts. And if you need something a little more customized? Something that attracts your readers instantly? Something that make very 1st image of your book among your readers magnifying? Let our digital artists bring your custom cover concept to life with a high resolution digital artwork. Our team will shape your imaginary idea of book title to reality.