For the readers , by the writers

Yes we know as an author or writer you have abundance knowledge about everything about publishing industry. But, we guess you still need to upgrade your knowledge.

InkQuills is an upcoming publishing house with a different niche. The founders themselves are multi-talented, multitasking people, so you can understand how much efforts they have been putting in establishing something from crap. Being a reader and a writer, being a part of various anthologies, running a few anthologies, we know how to handle the queries the budding writers face. It takes time to be an established writer, but it takes even more time to be a published author.

Where everyone is just waiting to pull out your hard earned money, a few are there who actually want you to rise and shine. This publishing house is here just to fulfill all your dreams. It is here with a purpose of making a layman into a published author, who is known by the world. Until now we have only been talking about the inner world of writing. Now, let’s move out to the place where the actual readers reside. And they reside on online sites; Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Your books would be made available to them in the best possible way.

Why you will love us ?


At Ink Quills , we get your ideas inked by publishing services that is quite efficient to opt for.


We provide the best royalty in the market to our authors and this recognizes their work.


Our pricing is very reasonable among the industry and this grabs the eyeballs of authors worldwide.


You will be able to check your book sales report on this platform which is the major concern for the author.