Our Authors


Dr. S. Visaka Devi is currently employed as Assistant Professor, Department of English, Pondicherry University.

She joined the University in 2010 and has served the University since then. Her area of specialization is Comparative Literature and area of interests are Poetry, Translation, and Culture Studies.

She has delivered talks on topics of literary interest and social values.

Her talks focus on Literature and Life, Children and Children’s Literature navigating into Literature in particular as a tool to bring about a positive social change.

A published creative writer, she publishes all her creative works under the pen name VishakaSajan. She has published a collection of poems titled Twilight Lamps (2012).

She has also published a couple of shorts stories and a couple of translations of short stories from Malayalam to English that have been well received by readers.

She is basically interested in understanding human nature which forms the basis of her creative writing.

Besides this, she was a featured e-card writer for a Hawaii-based website www.passionup.com (2009) and her cards are still afloat the website.