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Sambrita Bhattacharyya hails from the ecstatic cultural land of West Bengal.

Her alma mater is St.Xavier’s School Burdwan, the place which she believes has taught her to give wings to her thoughts.

She is currently pursuing an Honours course in English literature from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi.

She aspires to break free from the conventions of General academic achievements and make away for herself by not following the crowd.

She is keen on reading and assimilating the fabric of our society, its languages, cultural dynamics and enigmas.

She hopes to gain an insight into the world of Literature, Art and Aesthetics and be driven by unbiased socio-politico-cultural impulse to research and write.

She dreams that all of this, accompanied by her passion of delving into books, movies, Art and Theatre will pave her way of becoming a sensitive Writer someday.

Instagram: sambritabhattacharyya