Our Authors


Her Pen Name is “Lio_Sakshi”.
She would love to tell that writing is not just her passion it’s like breathing to her. o she just wants to spread endless love and happiness in this world through her words and wants to add sweetness in everyone’s life even if it’s a bit because it gives her inner peace and soothens her soul.

Whenever she is able to bring a smile even on one single face a day her soul feels content.

She wants to be the reason for a positive change and positive impact in people’s lives and that’s possible only via words because they travel the fastest.

She’s a deep observer like she observes “BEHIND THE STAGE” things deeply.

She believes in karma as “what you will sow today is what you are going to reap tomorrow”.

Life is really short to get sad so keep smiling!

She believes in herself the most because according to her, “it is you and only you who’s gonna write your destiny via your deeds so make sure you write a history”.