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Dr. Pradeep Gadugesh resides in Bengaluru.

He is a doctor by profession, graduated from (M.B.B.S.) BMCRI Bangalore, after resigning being N.R.I., he landed in India and did his M.A.(Economics), D.I.M., P.G.D.I.M., PGDHRM and M.B.A. from IGNOU.

Apart from being a Doctor, Economic Business Consultant, Politician, and a Social Worker, he always wished to be a storyteller like his father.

Since childhood his hobbies included reading various genres of novels, poetry, plays and watching theatre, movies, musical shows etc.

He comes from a Literature contributor’s family, Father- Mr. Gadugesha Naik being a Professor and Writer, Grand Uncle-Dr. N.S. Lakshminarayana Bhatta being a Professor, Poet and Writer.

All these encouraged and prompted him to be a writer.

The Steamy Hearts…Bard’s in Love! His first novel, dedicated to William Shakespeare, is based on a few incidents from his life, now available on Amazon in print and kindle format.

He took part in writeindia2 contest conducted by Times, also participates actively in Literature festivals.