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Meghna is a 19-year-old lost soul wandering among the vast wilderness of every single endeavour that she wished to pursue.

She is a Doctor by profession and belongs to Telangana, Hyderabad India.

She is a logophile and most of the time she is lost in her own labyrinth of thoughts. She is a snipper armed with her thoughts.

An avid reader interested in human psyche.

She has been penning down her thoughts from an early age. Her mere thought of writing started by reading huge number of novels. Her words are based on true incidents of life she tries to feel the pain through her heart so as to portray a beautiful piece.

She has been a published co-author of more than 50 anthologies till now and a compiler of 4 anthologies.

You can read more of her works at Instagram @the_mysterious_logophile

Check out her Interview here.