Our Authors


Debraj Moulick is currently working on his MPhil Thesis from Dept. of English, University of Mumbai. Besides that, he is also associated with K J Somaiya Polytechnic, Mumbai as a Lt. of English.

He enjoys watching Indian Cinema, World Cinema in his spare time.

His area of interest includes the violence, bloodshed in Films & Literature.

He has keen interest in Science Fiction, Postcolonial Studies,
Mythology, Language studies and Marginalized Literature.

He is a full-time bibliophile, movie buff and enjoys sapiosexuality.

He likes to explore the dark side of human psychology in his writing.

He believes that there are no good or evil but a co-existence of both the trait in a human being. He is allergic to pen down love poems and cheeky chick lit.

He prefers reading up novels which are cerebral in nature. He enjoys cuddling with words and he writes because, well everyone doesn’t need a reason to write.