An Interview with Author Sreedharan Parokode

  • When did you discover your love for writing?
    I discovered at an early age of 11, in 6 th standard when I was in school.
  • What drives you to write or who inspires you?
    Society life, contemporary scenario and  life of the deprived class also compelled me to pen. Hope of an egalitarian society where there is no exploitation, all are considered for their progress.No gap between haves and have nots.
  • Do you like reading? If yes, please tell us about your favourite authors and books?
    Yes. I do like reading, as I told you at 11 only I started writing and I can count my school text books, teachers and school library which kick started me as a scribbler and now an author.
  • What do you prefer writing – poetry/short stories/prose and why ?                                                                                          So far 30 anthologies of poems came out, both in English and my mother tongue Malayalam. But personally it is  poetry, I like more. But, I have tried short stories too.
  • Every month there are so many calls for the anthology, how you choose the anthology?
    I decide to go for the theme.
  • How you come across “Voices From The Society” Anthology?

    Through my Facebook friends.

  • Do you have any near plans for writing your full-length novel? Or tell us about your upcoming novel?
    Definitely, writing is my passion.

    It gives me new vigour and vitality.
    Society’s problems can be depicted through words so there will always be future plans.
  • Apart from writing, what other things you prefer doing?
    For me reading is another important energiser and then Public speaking because social issues can be raised and a face to face interaction  made; schools and colleges can be the best platforms.
  • Do you have any message for your readers?
    Readers are requested to be selective.They are the real wealth of writers.No words can be considered worth if there is no person to read it.

    Great writers are created by great readers. One thing is clear that writer and reader are the head and tail in this process.
  • What’s your message to budding/ aspiring writers?
    My message to the budding writers is to continue your efforts for a corruption-less  society through your powerful words. Try to attain strength for acquiring new ways in writing with truth as your weapon and also try to learn from the great writers of the past but find your own path.
  • Lastly, how was your experience working with us?
    It was wonderful.

So that was Sreedharan Parokode. Thank you for taking out time and interacting with us.
Wishing him good luck in all his future contribution

— Interviewed by Aditi Srivastava.