An Interview with Author Sai Susmitha Guddanti

  • When did you discover your love for writing?
    As far as I remember, I have always wanted to write since my childhood itself. My grandfather is a writer(regional language), I used to see him writing and reciting his works, that’s probably what has propelled me to write, My initial poems and stories were just a mix of different stories I read or just a bunch of lines placed together. Later, as I grew up I evolved as a better writer.
  • What drives you to write or who inspires you?
    Anything and everything. It is believed that each and every one of us has the capability to influence people, make a difference in someone’s life and our writings are the best way to reach more people. We never know a small scribbling can make a huge impact on someone’s trivial to us.
  • Do you like reading? If yes, please tell us about your favourite authors and books?
    Yes, I love reading. Despite my busy schedule, I make sure to read at least 1-2 books every month, depending upon the availability of time. It’s really hard for me to choose favourite books, frankly, I like to explore different genres of books taking from Self-help to fiction. My favourites include Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak, Killing Commendatore by Murakami, Roar by Cecelia Ahren, Twilight series, The leader who had no title by Robin Sharma. These are something I’ll cherish all my life, each of these books had a huge impact on me. Especially, Forty rules of love. I would suggest each and everyone read it to re-understand the true meaning of Love in today’s world. Every page is worth your time.
  • Which genre you prefer to write more?
    I prefer writing motivational articles, articles that have the capability to influence others to do better and also short stories. They include a wide range of topics, but I just like keeping them simple, sweet and catchy, that’s the way to touch more hearts I feel.
  • What’s your thoughts on ‘Storytelling is an art’?
    Yes, it absolutely is. Not everyone can do it because not everyone wishes to explore the world of stories. It involves the intricate methodology of bringing life to fiction by adding soul to it. So yes! of course, it is a beautiful art and it cannot be denied.
  • Every month there are so many calls for the anthology, how you choose the anthology?
    I always prefer to choose something that matches my writing’s wavelength. If I feel the theme of the anthology is something that I have been writing about or something that wants to write about it, then that’s a sure go. And also the demand and reputation of publishing is an important thing too.
  • How you come across Album of Hearts Anthology?
    I’m not sure I remember exactly. But I think someone has shared it in a group and I happened to take it seriously.
  • Do you have any near plans for writing your full-length novel? Or tell us about your upcoming novel?
    Yes Yes!!! I’m planning on writing a novel (I’m not sure when I’m gonna do that though, maybe after I get a proper offer). Along with novel, my interest in writing a collection of short stories and a collection of motivational articles. These are already under process and are very near & dear to me.
  • Apart from writing, what other things you prefer doing?
    I’m a Mechanical Engineer by profession, focusing on Aerospace engineering. So most of my time is devoted to it, I simply love my career so never felt like taking a break. Books(Includes writing and blogging too), baking and Netflix are main inclusions to my schedules.
  • You are involved in so many activities, how you manage writing?
    Well, I do not have a perfect answer to this. Clearly I don’t know how I do it. I’m not a full-time writer, I just write whenever I feel like penning something down. Sometimes it might happen once in a few months or once in a few hours too. I just let my heart talk whenever it wants.
  • Do you have any message for your readers?
    Hello readers! As authors, we always love you. Your love is what that keeps us going. Keep reading.
  • What’s your message to budding/ aspiring writers?
    Don’t ever force yourself to write, if you do so it never comes out good. Let the heart flow whenever it wants to, always keep a book handy to note down things. All the very best.
  • Lastly, how was your experience working with us?
    It has been a great journey with InkQuills. From just a part-time writer to published author, it has been one hell of a journey. I would like to take this opportunity to thank InkQuills for giving me this amazing opportunity. Thank you.

So that was Sai Susmitha. Thank you for taking out time and interacting with us.
Wishing her good luck in all her future endeavours

You can read more about her here.

— Interviewed by Aditi Srivastava.