An Interview with Author Bhavya Jain

  • When did you discover your love for writing?
    It all started while I was pursuing my graduation. It was exactly like a kid making it first landscape sketch, I was scribbling something for my friend on her birthday and from there it was no looking back. I am still polishing this skill !
  • What drives you to write or who inspires you?
    I remember I was sitting in a guest lecture where one of the famous writers came for her book launch and while she was addressing, she told one thing till today she has done all that resonates her. And this one thing that what resonates do it, was a spark in my life. So till today whatever I wrote it has resonated with me. Reason why in my every bio, I write – “What Resonates, Make it Write. Because when its from you, it will be for all.”
  • Do you like reading?  If yes, please tell us about your favourite books and authors?
    Alot….Before I started writing it was just reading. I am still an Avid Reader!

    Books which I have read…. There are ample but favourite ones are – 5AM Club, She Swiped right into my heart, Pyramid of virgin dreams, Ruskin Bond’s Himalayan tales, Start with Why, The Best Couple Ever  and Love Stories that Touched my Heart. There’s alot that I have to read.
  • What do you prefer writing – poetry/short stories/prose and why ?                                                                                          Short stories mostly !
    As a reader, I have always liked the story part. I can be poetic but when I read my own work, I make sure that everyone who reads is able to enjoy that part. It’s also like while I read I can feel things around me. And so when I write, presenting every detail about that scenario makes it interesting and simple too.
  • What’s your thoughts on storytelling platforms or open mic? Have you every participated in them.                                    I have never participated in such events but yes I love to be a part of the audience. Hearing stories, poems of all the aspiring writers keeps my enthusiasm intact.
  • Every month there are so many calls for the anthology, how you choose the anthology?                                                      Simple,  the theme which resonates with my thoughts, I choose the same anthology.
  • Do you have any near plans for writing your full-length novel or poetry book?                                                                          I am writing! I want to  get my novel published soon and hopefully soon I will.
  • Apart from writing, what other things you prefer doing?                                                                                                                   I am working as marketing professional and apart from my job and writing I love doing DIY projects, cooking, and whatever  like soul and mind says I want to do,  I keep on doing.
  • Do you have any message for your readers?
    Readers views matters a lot for a writer.  Just wanted to request to all my readers, do let us know about  your views for us. They help us a lot in our next work.
  • What’s your message to budding/ aspiring writers?
    Patience is the mother of success and behind  every failure, there is a ladder of success. So don’t loose hope,  keep on going,  one day or the other you will get what you want.
  • Lastly, how was your experience working with us?
    I sincerely thank InkQuills for giving us a platform and making the process smooth.  Till the time you don’t get a chance, to showcase, it’s more like swimming in sea and not getting the shore and am blessed that today I am standing in a position where I have someone to support my skill. Thank you!

So that was Bhavya Jain. Thank you for taking out time and interacting with us.
Wishing her good luck for future. 

— Interviewed by Aditi Srivastava.